High-tech Headstones Let Loved Ones Live Beyond Their Burial Ground

Grayson Morrison stoops in front of a grave and also uses his cell phone to scan a tiny barcode on a tombstone.

Within seconds, he’s taking a look at photos and also videos of a deceased loved one. Yet that’s not all.

Without leaving this large burial ground in a suburb of Toronto, he could pay attention to the deceased’s favored songs, read remembrances, write in a guest book as well as share photos and feelings on Twitter or Facebook.

Here at Glen Oaks Memorial Park, everyone with a mobile phone or tablet could do the same, offered they download the proper app.

All it takes is an easy scan of a QR code– a square, black barcode stayed with the memorial headstone— to find out about Daniel George, put to rest underneath a bronze cavity enduing plaque engraved considering the years of his birth as well as death– “1937-2003″– and also a picture of his precious pet Labrador.

Putting on a grave with hi-tech fixture does not take too much. All one has to do is email the couple pictures, video clips, documents and also songs linked to a web site.

Surviving family members then get a tag due to the QR code – complete as a result of a strong, weather-resistant adhesive– in the mail.

The replacement takes only 30 secs.
“It’s quite straightforward,” Morrison said “It is a great suggestion for a lot of reasons, especially for little ones that have actually had member of the family that they never ever learnt more about.”.

Using this innovation, their young little girl can become acquainted with her grandpa that died a number of years back, he said.

“She can be at the burial ground and scan as well as bear in mind someone that she never ever met, as well as be able to see that individual and also learn more about that family member.”.

Eternity for $149.99.
If your beloved ones want to upgrade their on-line remembrance, the Morrisons can take care of that, too. “Folks like the idea,” Morrison said in the grassy, serene setting noted by many miniature UNITED STATES flags near the final resting places.

“It is such a great means to mix modern technology via the legacy of someone, as well as have the capability to remember their loved ones and also see them up close.”.

“It’s a type of light-hearted method to remember,” Morrison included. “Folks visit the tomb, talk to the person, take a look at the images, and say ‘I never forget that wedding event,’ or ‘I remember that suit’…”.

Buyers could add a password to ensure that only relative have access to the material. The Morrisons started the project to remember their loved ones in a different way, but do not just end up there.

Some older burial grounds have a passion in the innovation because they can present tags on historical tombs, enabling visitors to learn about things happened long ago .


These headstones or monuments can express grief as well as joy. Happy headstones are the ones that send a message that afterlife is peaceful and with death all the worries, anxiety and difficulties are ended, and the souls will now rest in peace. The doors of eternity have now been opened for them and they will forever remain in light and there will be no darkness. Some people also think that death will serve their love with eternity and one day they will again meet in the life after death. To show this feeling they use happy headstones as their memorial.

Some headstones give a message that even if the person has died his memories will be with us till the end. He is always alive in our hearts and his love will always burn like a flame lightening our soul. “Love never dies”, as they say.

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